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MetRisQ is a Risk Accounting Software Solution, a unique offering in the regtech landscape, enabling organizations to have a 360 degree view over their risk exposures and mitigation efforts.

The name stands for Metrics for Risk Quantification and is the world’s first software solution to implement the leading edge Risk Accounting method.

Risk Accounting is a risk exposure quantification method designed to bring a more intelligible numeric dimension to risk exposures.

Who does MetRisQ help?

Chief Risk Officers

By giving them a common framework for direct risk measurement and reporting based on process related quantifiable parameters…

Chief Financial Officers

By giving them a way to understand and allocate risk related costs in a consistent and auditable manner…

Chief Operating Officers

By giving them a way to prioritize, plan and track risk mitigation measures while constantly monitoring risk exposure evolution by relevant business dimensions…

What Experts Say:

“…the first mechanism proposed to integrate the major components of risk in a large institution”

“…represents a sizeable step forward in the search for a practical global solution to enterprise risk management (ERM)”

“…(the) proposed framework is both novel in addressing the limitations of existing ERM risk measurement frameworks and practical in adapting the control and reporting frameworks that already exist in accounting and general ledger systems”

“The integration of accounting and risk measures (both economic and regulatory) makes an important contribution to making risk-adjusted returns transparent”

“…the London Whale trading loss… Here, the (method) would bloom”

From peer reviews of the Risk Accounting method, published in 2016 in the “Journal for Risk Management for Financial Institutions” by Henry Stewart Publications

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